The Danes go ashore

The Danish army is said to have landed at Gotland on 22 July. The exact location is the subject of much discussion, but it was probably in the proximity of the village of Fröjel on south-west Gotland. Perhaps the invading forces were met with resistance at this early stage.

At this point, Gotland was divided into six “settningar” – legal and military districts – each run by their own judge. Fröjel belonged to the district of Hejde. If the Gotlanders attempted to prevent the landing, it would likely have been people from Hejde who fronted these efforts. Some two hundred individuals, far too few to stop the Danes! A enemy force had managed to land on the island. The Gotlanders were still scattered, on their way to the meeting points. What direction would the Danes take? Would the farmers have time to organise their opposition?